Hyeji Nam (1993, Seoul, lives and works in Vienna) is an interdisciplinary artist working with the themes of literature, sexuality, social taboos and cultural politics. Combining digital media and real flesh, she questions the relationship between our mind and digitalized bodies.


Whispering voices, fierce eyes searching for rest, bodies mingling in thick light: Hyeji Nam’s artistic practice unfolds as a sensual quest for connecting with what exceeds the self. Working across media like video, performance, installation and sound, Nam crafts a cosmology of intersubjectivity, a subjectivity that is dispersed, indefinite and infinitively entangled. In so doing, she problematizes the hyper-individualization under neoliberal capitalism and the ways in which the production of subjectivity is increasingly being organized by its digital technologies.

(Text by Frederike Sperling)  -



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