Live Concert
Unsafe and Sound Festival, ‘Hope,a politics of healing’, 2023

Zacherlfabrik, Vienna, Austria, 2023


Photo by Jonas Bohatsch

Costume by Pouran Parvizi

Single Release
Empty Hall 
Digital Release through Tender Matter, September 8th, 2023

The creation of the track “Empty hall” was a collaboration between the human voices generated by AI. It is a mixture of technology and human artistry.

Using the AI tool from Neuton by Qosmos, a piano sound was fed as the base for the track. This sound was then processed into a choir sound. Though this choir was artificially generated, it delivered a hauntingly emotional quality.

The track was refined through a continuous process of bouncing between the AI tool and personal edits to craft a specific melody.

An Album To Be Performed - miracles
Zine by Hyeji Nam and Catherine Hu accompanying Hyeji Nam's debut album "miracles", 2023